Helping the Environment

Even Roofers can Play their Part


Just because we are a small business, doesn't mean we cant make a big difference to the environment, just look at our plant pot! We believe in lots of little things making a difference. And this also means we help your pocket, as helping the environment also makes things cheaper.

Environmentally Friendly

Keeping Down Emissions

Despite only being a small business, GG Ellis Roofing plays its part in helping the environment. As a company we believe in 'keeping it local' and we operate no further than 40 miles from Ipswich. This saves on CO2 emissions and traffic on our roads. Further to this, the journey for most first visits and estimate checks are made by small car, not a large truck, keeping down the companies carbon footprint and letting you know we are serious about not only helping the environment, but also keeping costs down as helping the environment also helps your pocket.

Recycling Materials

At GG Ellis Roofing we strive to provide you with the best materials for the job and sometimes we use second hand materials where appropriate. This materials still pertain to the highest quality and are entirely suitable for the job. However it means that new materials are not used wastefully and the difference in cost in using second hand material is passed on to you.

... & then some!

As we are a small family business, we know that its the little things that matter. At GG Ellis roofing we even use a wind up radio to save on battery life, or on using your electricity. Right down to the tiniest detail we hope to save the environment and save you money..